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We are an elite alliance of seasoned REALTORS® with several years experience representing both buyers and sellers in Southern California. We combine forces to ensure our clients needs are met effectively and efficiently. We each take full responsibility for our own clients, and support each other along the way. We implement the best practices, and provide the highest service in the industry.


Online many real estate "teams", we are not a hierarchy, with one expereienced agent overseeing several newer agents. Instead, we are all high respected and experienced agents who have seen the market during both highs and lows, and have successfully guided our clients through all markets.

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Individually we each have extensive insight, style and skill sets. We combine all of those to provide our clients the best possible outcome in their real estate transaction, whether those clients are buyers, sellers or investors.

The real estate world is constantly changing: new laws, new paperwork, and evolving market conditions. We strive to continually educate ourselves and stay on top of all the changes that impact our clients. While the heart of our profession is about helping clients, the details are constantly in flux.

Having a well-informed REALTOR® and team will ensure that your interests are protected. We'll help you get the maximum value for your home when you sell, and get the best home within your price range when you buy.

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